ARBSEC Officially Launched

Thursday, February 19, 2009

ARBSEC, a CitySec-style meetup for security professionals in the Ann Arbor area, has been officially launched! Our first meeting, ARBSEC 01, will be at 6:00pm on March 4th at Bar Louie in Ann Arbor.



An informal meetup of information security professionals in Ann Arbor. Unlike other meetups, you will not be expected to pay dues, "join up", or present a zero-day exploit to attend.


ARBSEC 01 is held at Bar Louie, located at 401 E Liberty St, on the northeast corner of Liberty and Division. We'll likely be in the back patio area.


ARBSEC is the first Wednesday of every month. ARBSEC 01 is March 4th at 6:00 PM. We'll stay until people get tired of hanging out. We're guessing 2-3 hours.


We know about ISSA, SEMiSLUG, and SUMIT. Not casual enough. We don't want to hang out in conference rooms. Just a chance to meet other security folks without sitting through a sales pitch.

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