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Mirrors of MoKB and MoAB

Wow, it's been forever since I've written any entries...startup life is busy, but fun! Nothing interesting in this one, but I thought I'd post for Google purposes that I've mirrored copies of the Month of Kernel Bugs (MoKB) and the Month of Apple Bugs (MoAB).

I was trying to dig up the old NTFS PoC fs image from the MoKB archives at to DoS my LG LCD TV, which is a MIPS box running Linux, via its USB port:


However, the actual downloads for the archives were inaccessible and it wasn't easy to find a mirror. Luckily, I did eventually find the one hosted by the SecuriTeam guys, but I figured I'd yank down a copy to mirror for posterity in case the last remaining mirror goes down.

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