pynids is a python wrapper for libnids, a Network Intrusion Detection System library offering sniffing, IP defragmentation, TCP stream reassembly and TCP port scan detection. Let your own python routines examine network conversations.


This pynids distribution is an updated version of Michael Pomraning’s 0.5 series. The 0.6 series brings updates to the bundled version of libnids (from 1.19 to 1.24), checksum disabling, packet timestamps, pcap stats, and a variety of fixes.

    JO - Jon Oberheide
    EC - Evan Cooke
    JF - Jeff Nathan

9 May 2010
    - version 0.6.1 (JO)
    - bump bundled libnids to 1.24 (JO)
    - support for packet timestamps (JF)
    - support for pcap stats (JF)

9 Oct 2009
    - version 0.6 (JO)
    - bump bundled libnids to 1.23 (JO)
    - added -fPIC to fix builds (JO)

3 May 2007
    - version 0.5a (JO)
    - bump bundled libnids to 1.21 (JO)
    - add checksum control function (chksum_ctl) (EC)


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